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3-Day Learn To Meditate Course with Dr. Janice Powis$299

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  • 1x3-Day Learn To Meditate Course with Dr. Janice Powis$299-+

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Friday March 20th - Sunday March 22nd
Location: Vida Meditation Studio

Session 1 (Friday: 7-8:30 PM)

You will receive an introduction to meditation. You will learn about the mechanics of stress and how it impacts your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. We’ll explore the nature of the mind and then learn the meditation technique that will reduce stress and fatigue, while expanding self-awareness.
You will learn about how a consistent meditation practice will cultivate numerous potential benefits that will begin to take hold in your life.

We will meditate together as a group. You will be given a homework assignment to complete prior to the next day’s session.

Session 2 (Saturday: 9-10:30 AM)

On day 2, we’ll discuss your report from the assigned homework. We’ll meditate again together as a group before taking a deep dive into perfecting the meditation technique.
You will learn how to integrate meditation into your daily routine, as well as overcome common obstacles that typically arise along the journey.

You’ll receive your second homework to complete before session three as you continue on your path towards independence.

Session 3 (Saturday: 9-10:30 AM)

On the third and final day we’ll again discuss the homework as a group before meditating together. We’ll offer a deeper Q&A format discussion to ensure any outstanding questions about meditation are answered.

This Q&A will be followed by a topical discussion on BEING, self-awareness, and cultivating love in our lives.
Your final homework will be assigned, and you’ll learn about ways you can receive continued support with your practice following the Learn to Meditate Course in order to receive maximum benefit.